Our Restaurant and Dining area

avocado tree at crows nest sipi

At Crows Nest Sipi we offer Bar, Reception services, Kitchen, and Dining.

The Kitchen is headed by chefs who prepare daily menus of 3 healthy well-balanced meals, all composed of fresh produce. We are focused to use fresh and healthy ingredients to prepare the meals. Some of the produce we grow on our own. You can even find Avocado trees in our compound, which we harvest and use to prepare for our guests.

We can take care of a number of various dietary requirements. Therefore inform us of any special needs ahead of your traveling, please.

We offer breakfast, a buffet dinner, and lunch, also for a big group. We also provide lunch packages for guests that are going for several hours-hike or on other trips.

Bar at Crows Nest Sipi
crowsnest sipi dining area
Reception at Crows Nest Sipi
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